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Summit Partners:
High Camp Partners:
Mountain Film Festival (Nor)
Somhuset AS, Hosle. (Nor) (Nor)
Stiftelsen Hvasser (Nor)
Liens Optisk, Sandvika. (Nor)
Base Camp Partners:

Invictus (USA/World Wide)

100 Friends (USA/World Wide)

SETU (UK/Nepal)
Kathmandu Guest House (Nepal)
Media Partners:
1. Friflyt
2. Ute
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Helping mountain people to help themselves.

Mountain People is an independent, non-profit, non-political, non-religious and cross-cultural organization.

Buy a Brick

The land is purchased!

We plan to start building Mountain People Centre in October 2014.

We still need $ 40,000.- so please Buy a Brick at $ 50.-.

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Beni Handicrafts

Using business principles in aid/developing situations to foster “help to self help” resulting in independence.

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Porters Passport

Porters are the backbone of the Nepali trekking and expedition industry. They are not always well treated.

See how to counter this explootation.

Mountain people supports the work of IPPG/PP/KEEP/CAN and others.

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Bhote Project

The Bhote people live in the shadow of Mt Makalu, an isolated community, with poor basic educational/health facilities.

  1. Education Stipend to suit individual needs.
  2. Support of local schools. read more»

Helping Hands

A simple way you can be involved in your own project – act now!

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Building Bridges

Cultural involvement and exchange between mountain people.

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Join our volunteer programme.
1. Ted Project
Teaching Environment Development in Kathmandu - be a teacher for a day or a month.
2. Residential stays
Work/live in a country village.

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MP concept is simple - 'helping people to help themselves.'

We have formulated simple guide lines, so you may organise your own project. These are not rules and regulations – but a menu you may choose from.

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